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i don't want T.T

just for a few more days to go, my parents will sent me back to boarding school. and suddenly i feel like mummy, please dont sent me back yet...! but, i miss my buddy there :') i hope when i get back there everything will be going alrite n nothing happen . no more fight, no more play and just stay focus to study for PMR.
i know my english broken so badlyy :D. but at least i tried. better try than never :p

see ya later kay,buddies :D

i admit it that we supposed not to hate school aite? hmm. ignore me.


at last i'm back :')

assalamualaikum . say hye to wonderful creatures :) okay, at last im back dengan blog yang dah berhabuk,bersawang semua lah. *fuh fuh, - hilang takk habukk nih. kay, just kidding :P
for a longgg time, i have not expressed my feeling or such dekatt blog kan. actually, i already have 3 blog as far as i know laa. nak tau tak nape jadi camtuh ? ^^ i forgot my password, thats my problem yeahh (Y) just give a big claps to me peeps :). i dont know why i kept forgot my pssword again and again. ohmaigodd. i felt like eeee T.T wanna cry . can i ? sob sob :'(

kay,  ignore me :p
end here and byebye peeps :)
treasure and lock you in my heart :P kbye